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Edwin Kwon, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Results with Minimal Scarring
Cosmetic Surgery • Reconstruction • Non-Surgical Procedures

Asian Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty asian nose

Focused on patient care & results.

More Than Plastics.

Many plastic surgery clinics are too focused on quantity over quality work. Edwin Kwon, MD, FACS and his dedicated team are only focused on your patient care and results. No gimmicks or unrealistic promises.

Asian Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty asian nose


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No Obligations, Really. If you’re serious about a non-surgical or surgical procedure, feel free to schedule your complimentary video or in-office consultation with us today!

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Shared Journeys.

Botched Arm Liposuction Scar Revision Review

“It has been a devastating four year battle since being botched by a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon... I met with many plastic surgeons, including well known celebrity plastic surgeons. I even traveled to New York. They all had different ideas on how to approach my mutilated arms. Some were ridiculously expensive and others wanted nothing to do with my case... The minute I met Dr Kwon I felt a feeling of relief. He had such a calm demeanor that it made me feel safe... Dr Kwon is a compassionate and extremely talented doctor. Doctors like that don’t come along that often and I am so lucky that I found him. He saved me from a horrible situation and I am forever grateful! Thank you."
Rhinoplasty Hump Reduction / Liposuction Review

“The majority of my life I was self-conscious about my side profile, I would run away from group photos and photoshop my selfies. Thanks to Dr. Kwon I feel so much happier and confident in myself..."
Botox Wrinkle Treatment Review

“I had such a great experience seeing Dr. Kwon for my Botox procedure. He is very professional, kind and friendly...Overall completely satisfied and happy with my visit with Dr. Kwon.”
Lip Filler Injection Review

“I was always so insecure about my lips but still very hesitant to get them done but after visiting Dr. Kwon at his facility I felt comfortable and confident and literally best decision I’ve ever made. Beyond satisfied”
Rhinoplasty Review

“1 month post-op - I don't breathe from my mouth anymore! Amazing doctor. Amazing team. I had two plastic surgeons in mind. I am so SO glad I went with Dr. Kwon...”
Liposuction / Fat Transfer To Hips Review

“Amazing! I love love love the results from my breast exchange & 306 lipo with fat transfer to my hips! ...I was not toned really, and had stubborn fatty areas (no matter how much I ate clean or worked out). This look is exactly what I was aiming for as I really appreciate surgery that looks boarder line natural... Majorly exceeded my expectations."


We're Featured.

Dr. Kwon has been featured in several publications/magazines and is periodically working on writing new articles for other textbooks and medical journals on the latest surgical techniques.

Asian Rhinoplasty rhinoplasty asian nose

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Dr. Edwin Kwon is a Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in Asian Rhinoplasty, DCF Rhinoplasty

Disclaimer: The content on this website is not intended for minors. By clicking "I understand" you are verifying that you are at least 18 years of age or older.