Review: Scar Revision After Bad Arm Lipo

An Unfortunate Part Of The Industry

Along with all the amazing, life-changing things that can come with plastic surgery, there are also—unfortunately—a number of terrible stories from patients who experience botched procedures from surgeons who don’t know what they’re doing. As a result, these patients are forced to undergo more procedures to help correct these mistakes, many of which involve a necessary scar revision and step-by-step plan.

A Nightmare Surgery Which Should Have Never Happened

This patient came to see me after suffering from a terrible arm liposuction surgery with another Beverly Hills surgeon. Although this is typically a relatively simple procedure, this particular surgeon somehow left her arms completely deformed and refused to see her for a revision or even acknowledge her very valid concerns.

After meeting with several high-profile doctors throughout the United States, many surgeons refused to touch her arms and others asked for an unreasonable amount of money for a scar revision.However, when she came to visit me, I could not refuse to help this kind individual. In fact, I knew that with several different procedures, she could get her arms close to normal again.

The Scar Revision Plan

Her arms were treated with 3 rounds of fat transfer with an excision of the contracted scar as a final stage reconstruction. She is also currently continuing to undergo microneedling of the surgical scar.

A Happier Ending

Recently, I received this very touching Realself review from this patient. Despite the circumstances she was under, she was still an absolute joy to work with. I can’t imagine how incredibly difficult it was to endure this for so long and I’m elated that I was able to help even a little bit.

Scar Revision Photos

Here is a copy from her review below:

It has been a devastating four year battle since being botched by a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I had gone in for liposuction on my arms. The surgeon overworked and then burned my arms with laser. He was so egotistical that he never admitted or accepted any blame for mutilating my arms.

I met with many plastic surgeons, including well known celebrity plastic surgeons. I even traveled to New York. They all had different ideas on how to approach my mutilated arms. Some were ridiculously expensive and others wanted nothing to do with my case. They all looked at me with such pity. How could a board certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon be so incompetent.

The minute I met Dr Kwon I felt a feeling of relief. He had such a calm demeanor that it made me feel safe. With Dr Kwon you don’t get the ego driven vibe that you get from most plastic surgeons. He’s so down to earth and humble, especially for someone who is so talented.  He never made over the top promises. He explained what he would do step-by-step. It was going to be a long process and it was not going to be fixed overnight. He made it very clear that it was never going to be 100% but confident that he would make it better than it was.

I ended up doing three fat transfer surgeries and in December I was finally ready for the major reconstructive surgery to try and make one linear scar.  I’ll never forget my first fat transfer surgery with Dr Kwon. I was so scared after being traumatized by the last surgeon who botched me. I started crying uncontrollably before the surgery began. Dr Kwon sat with me and gave me time to get myself together. He was caring with every operations he did on me. He would sit with me and just chat. I’ve never had a doctor do that before.

Dr Kwon is a compassionate and extremely talented doctor. Doctors like that don’t come along that often and I am so lucky that I found him. He saved me from a horrible situation and I am forever grateful! Thank you.

See full review on my Realself account.

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