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A Beautiful Patient Inside And Out

My patient, with Realself username @BTN_11 (I’ll refer to as BTN), surprised me with an incredible, detailed review of her entire experience throughout her DCF Rhinoplasty procedure journey. I know I always say this, but I am very appreciative for this feedback and more importantly, happy that she is enjoying her results.

DCF Rhinoplasty / Source: @BTN_11 on Realself

Before BTN Decided To Get A DCF Rhinoplasty

Like any serious patient, BTN had several reservations before deciding on which doctor she wanted the DCF Rhinoplasty procedure with. She also had consultations in South Korea, but ultimately decided that regular follow-ups were important to her healing process (which they most definitely are) and started searching in California for the right Asian Rhinoplasty doctor. She describes:

First off, I have to stress that I am one EXTREMELY picky person, especially when it comes to anything medical or beauty related service. Because of this, I have always been very diligent at researching my doctors. I feel it’s so important to emphasize the importance of doing your research – like picking a plastic surgeon and the results of what could happen if you don’t do it right the first time. This is my face and my nose is in the center of my face here. How can I not be?

@BTN_11 / Realself

The Search And Decision

After diligently researching many options in California, I was incredibly grateful that BTN found and chose me based on my values mainly focusing on patient care and results. BTN continues writing:

So I had followed the work of many rhinoplasty specialists over the years (via social medias) however once I stumbled across Dr. Kwon’s Instagram and his website’s gallery of before and after photos, it was love at first sight! His works appealed to my aesthetic the most because of how natural most of his patient’s outcomes were. If you want natural looking results – he is your doctor!

Dr. Kwon has such an unpretentious, calm, yet competent and confident demeanor. Oftentimes, surgeons can come off as cold and too clinical but Dr. Kwon has this gentle and kind disposition and will crack jokes with you once he gets to know you better. What I respect most about him is that he gives you realistic expectations, explains the why/how to his methods and not one to promise you something that shouldn’t or cannot be done according to your nasal and facial structure. He took his time to listen, explained things precisely and will confidently shares his expertise and provides honest and straight forward advice. In addition to being extremely talented, he is also very big on patient safety. Blood work, medications, EKG, chest x-rays – very meticulous about safety measures to make sure every patient is not at risk in order to go through a major surgery.

@BTN_11 / Realself

DCF Rhinoplasty Results

Following her surgery, BTN uploaded several personal before and afters onto Realself. My team and I are loving the confidence shown!

DCF Rhinoplasty / Source: @BTN_11 on Realself
2 Weeks Post-Op

Is A DCF Rhinoplasty Worth It?

After leaving my team and I wonderful feedback through Realself, BTN concludes her review by letting others know that the procedure was worth it.

I have been asked several times if the surgery was worth the money and recovery time. Absolutely YES! I am truly happy with my surgery and always look forward to my post-op visits. Any concerns I had were always addressed by Dr. Kwon’s incredible patient care coordinator Lilit.

If you are seeking natural and harmonizing results for your look, Dr. Kwon should absolutely be at the top of your list! Dr. Kwon is incredibly thorough, gifted and highly skilled. He truly cares and wants the best outcome for all his patients.

@BTN_11 / Realself

Again, I am extremely thankful and happy to have worked with this beautiful, down-to-earth individual. Read full review on Realself.

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