Review: 2nd Best Decision of my Life— Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Review + Patient Uploaded Photos

After seeing me for another procedure a few years back, this incredible patient of mine returned to address another one of her concerns.

Her Realself Review:

20/10 would recommend Dr. Kwon! Since the first best decision of my life was getting my labiaplasty from Dr. Kwon, I didn’t hesitate to return to him for my much-desired breast augmentation for my tuberous breasts. I was far more nervous for this procedure, since the outcome is visible to the rest of world, but Dr. Kwon eliminated all of my fears. He was very thorough about explaining the procedure and made sure to review the possible risks with me so that I was making a fully informed decision. Since I had a case of tuberosity and the folds of my breasts are at different heights (almost a 1/2 inch difference), my case was slightly more complex and he clearly explained what the process would be. He and his assistant Lilit were patient with all of my questions and were responsive all the way through post-op.nted a breast augmentation, was of my weight loss and weight gain has depleted me of any volume on the upper part of my breast, like the life was suck out of them. As a young woman to have sad saggy breast was depressing. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a breast augmentation with Dr Kwon. He made the process so easy! Continued below.

I was far more concerned about correcting my shape and I had no idea what size/volume of implant I wanted. I told Dr. Kwon that I wanted to “be me but with volume.” During a pre-op appointment, he selected the sizes that he felt would be most appropriate for my body type and was honest and patient as I made my selection. The size he recommended (375CC) was PERFECT for my body and was the exact result I always dreamed of. The day of the procedure went smoothly and his surgical team made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable. Everything went perfectly that day and my recovery went exactly as he described. The first few days I felt a lot of pressure but the pain was easy to manage with the medication that was prescribed. I had the procedure on a Wednesday and was back to working remotely by the following Monday. Once I hit 6 weeks, my new breasts felt fully attached to my body and I slowly began working out again. Now I am almost 6 months post-op and I couldn’t be happier with the results.Continued below.

Results After 4 Days, 6 Weeks and 5 Months:

My breasts used to be very saggy and uneven, and now they are perfectly straight and my nipples are magically at an even height even though the folds of my breasts are naturally uneven. I’m now a 34DD (formerly 34B/C) and I can confidently wear any outfit I want with or without a bra. I used to not be comfortable being braless even when I was alone and I had a lot of discomfort being naked around friends or with my partners. Now I proudly go braless alone and with others. I get so many compliments about how natural they look and how well-proportioned they are to my body. Dr. Kwon has given me the best gifts that will give me a lifetime of confidence and comfort in my own skin. I can’t thank him or recommend him highly enough! Trust Dr. Kwon with your big life decisions and they will surely turn out to be your best.

@justbemee / Realself

I am so happy that this patient is enjoying the results of her Breast Augmentation sugery. Read her full review on Realself here.

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