Asian Rhinoplasty

Changing the appearance of the nose in Asian and other ethnicities provides a completely different challenge than the typical rhinoplasty.

In the realm of Asian Rhinoplasty, the nasal bridge is typically deficient, the nasal tip too flat and broad, and alas oftentimes too wide. Utilizing a variety of advanced techniques, Dr. Edwin Kwon can address each of these unique problems to provide changes that are consistent with each patient’s identity and provide natural results.

One of Dr. Edwin Kwon’s more popular procedures for Asian noses is his specialized DCF Rhinoplasty.

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Asian Rhinoplasty With Dr. Edwin Kwon

Transforming the appearance of the nose within Asian and other ethnicities presents a distinctive set of challenges that diverge from conventional rhinoplasty procedures, particularly in the realm of Asian Rhinoplasty. In these cases, the nasal bridge tends to exhibit deficiency, the nasal tip often appears flat and broad, and in some patients, the width can be an issue as well. To navigate through these intricacies, Dr. Edwin Kwon employs a range of advanced techniques that specifically address these unique anatomical aspects, particularly in the context of Asian Rhinoplasty. His approach is centered on creating changes that seamlessly align with each patient’s individual identity while ensuring that the outcomes appear completely natural.

Dr. Kwon’s expertise shines through in one of his more widely sought-after procedures for Asian noses—his specialized DCF Rhinoplasty, tailored specifically for Asian Rhinoplasty needs. This procedure is meticulously designed to meet the distinct needs of individuals seeking to enhance the aesthetics of their nasal features within the context of their ethnic identity. The DCF Rhinoplasty goes beyond traditional approaches, offering a nuanced and specialized technique that recognizes and addresses the specific characteristics of Asian noses.

One of the remarkable aspects of Dr. Edwin Kwon’s approach is his dedication to understanding and respecting the cultural and ethnic nuances associated with each patient, particularly in the realm of Asian Rhinoplasty. The DCF Rhinoplasty isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, it’s a tailored and nuanced approach that recognizes the diversity of nasal structures within different ethnic groups, particularly emphasizing the needs of Asian Rhinoplasty patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please remember that these are typical estimates that most of our patients experience. Your recovery and healing may vary so please refer to your patient care coordinator and Dr. Kwon for more detailed answers based on your consultation.

What is the recovery time?

3 days

How long does swelling last?


When will I see my full result?

1 year

How long do I have to wear a cast?

2 weeks

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